Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starting fresh

After months of a forgotten password, family controversy and not much to talk about I'm ready to get back to my blog.
Things that have happened over the last four months.
  • Hubby deployed
  • Booge turned one
  • I became a blonde
  • Went to my sisters' in PA
  • Lived in Utah for a month with my parents
  • Decorated my home
  • Went to Guam
All together I went to 9 states and one territory. What a summer Booge and I had, for starters my hubby went on a deployment with the wonderful "I'll be home in 4-6 months". Thankfully it was only 127 days, I didn't count the days he was gone until just now. Here's a funny thing about being a "single mom" its way more then twice as hard as being a wife and mother. The last four months have taught me so much about myself, I'm very brave and will do anything to protect my daughter and home, my day still starts and ends just as if my hubby was home, and I can pretty much do anything a man can do around the house with out making our base housing people mad.
Spouses' of active duty members can get so competitive about there husbands and the length and location of the deployment. YIKES! Heres a tip to all who's husbands are not military and only go out for one night, NEVER tell a "single mom" that you miss your husband so much you think your going to die, we all want to slap you for it. Yes he's gone and yes it's hard but remember there are always families separated for much longer then a night and possibly forever. I thank heaven for living on base and having the support system of other military friends I dont know what I would have done with out them during Hubby's deployment.
Behind every airman theres a supporting spouse and behind that spouse is a supporting family. My family and my hubbys family were so wonderful about calling and checking up on me and letting me live with them for a while. I went to stay with my parents for a month, that was so amazing to have help with my daughter and the daily hugs from family was just what I needed to get through the last leg of the deployment. We had so many wonderful times and memories I will cherish forever. Being in my old house, in my old room brought back so many funny memories of growing up, it made me excited to make memories with my little family so hopefully one day my daughter will have the same feelings.
The biggest blessing of this summer would have to be when my parents agreed on extremly short notice to watch Booge for 10 days while I flew half way across the world to see my husband in Guam. I arrived in Guam to soon find out my husbands flight had been delayed. Long story short I got my first hotel room by myself and he arrived two days later. Guam is a beautiful country and so are the people who lived and visit there.

even the flowers land perfectly for pictures.

Enjoying the warm clear water

The first view of the beach on Anderson AFB

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